At Granville Tavern & Motel in Granville, Queensland, a percentage of every dollar you spend will stay on your card. At any time, you can either “pay by points” or “cash out,” take the money and run!


When you play the poker machines, make sure that your membership card is inserted. This is because for every dollar you turn over, cash goes back to your card whether you win
or lose!*

Food in White Plate


If you’re a member at the Granville Tavern & Motel, you will receive a 10% discount on all barista made tea or coffee, meals, or desserts.*

Beer Tap System

Bottle shop

At our bottle shops, you will be rewarded by shopping with us! For every dollar you spend on ALL items, even on already discounted ones, you’ll receive cash back on
your card. *

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Get notified on all upcoming promotions and giveaways. This way, you won’t miss a thing at the Granville Tavern & Motel and you’ll be able to build up money into your membership account.*

*T’s & C’s apply - Check staff for details.

This venue ensures that all aspects of alcohol & gaming service are done in a professional and responsible manner. It actively supports the promotion and encouragement of responsible drinking and gambling for all its customers.

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